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Time Lapse Video in Collaboration with Brian Guice Media

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Brian Guice Brian Guice

This will be the first in what I hope is a flurry of posts recapping a very productive start to 2014 for my work.  I had been interested in doing some kind of promotional video to give viewers an idea of how my drawings come together from start to finish.  I was lucky enough to find Brian Guice Media here in Laramie, Wyoming who had done some phenomenal time lapse videos of some of the artists doing mural work downtown.  Brian was outstanding to work with throughout the process, and I am very pleased with the results of our work together.  I also want to acknowledge Wesley Berg, who was a visiting artist I invited to UW in early 2014 and who I met a few years ago from a drawing show we did in Santa Fe.  Wesley provided the song for the video from his musical project, Glacier Face, and it’s pretty great.

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05/01/2014 at 1:26 pm